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Reinforcement Development Length Calculator

Our Development program uses the ACI 318 equations to calculate the required length for rebar.  This results in the absolute minimum length required to develop a bar's strength.  Calculate tension and compression development and splice lengths for any grade of rebar and concrete strength permitted by ACI.  All factors affecting development lengths are used and can be varied, including the tranverse reinforcement factor Ktr.

If you have a short splice problem on one of your projects, use this program to enter specific cover, spacing and any transverse reinforcement to calculate the absolute minimum length required.  Many times, this will result in shorter lengths than the prescriptive bar diameter-based lengths that are convenient to use but can result in longer length requirements.

This program also makes it easy to investigate the effects of varying cover and spacing on splice lengths.  If you just cannot get the splice length short enough, you can investigate transverse reinforcement to reduce lengths further.

ACI minimums and maximums are included and you are notified when these limits control.

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